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We understand the trust you place on us and our mutual responsibility to protect people's privacy. As part of these responsibilities, we inform you of which information we collect when you use our products and services (hereinafter, Services), why we collect it, how we use it to improve your experience, and how you contribute to our services. We are notifying this privacy policy to protect our users, customers, and members of our partners.

This Privacy Policy also specifies the rights you may have with respect to data that may be deemed as personal information. Expressions of “you” or “your” point to the fact that you are a user of the Services. Expressions of “we” or “our” or “Criminal IP” point to AI SPERA AMERICA INC, the company that retains exclusive rights to both Criminal IP and (hereinafter, Site).

PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THROUGH THIS PRIVACY POLICY BEFORE YOU PROCEED. By accessing or using the Services, you agree and acknowledge that your personal information may be used as set forth herein. If you do not want your information to be used in such way, please do not access the Site or discontinue using the Services.

Data we collect

We collect data including personal information that is essential for you to use our various services.
Data submitted for account credentials

For service use, we collect personally identifiable information such as email and password information, along with information provided through other platforms such as Google and Twitter accounts.

Profile and forum data

We collect data registered for communication with other fellow users in the forum, which includes username, profile (photo, self-introduction, address, URL), e-mail, linked account (Google, Twitter), comments, themed posts, and message information.

Log data

When you use the Services and collect data provided by the Site, we may automatically collect and store information about your interactions in our server logs that we retain for 30 days.

This may include information such as below

  • Details of how you used our services
  • Internet protocol address and browser type
  • Hardware settings and system activity
  • Event information such as cookies and HTTP request headers that identify a browser or site account
  • Referral URL, language preference, date, time
Payment Data

To the extent that you purchase paid service provided on the Site, we may collect or receive your credit card and other payment related information.

Cookies and Local Storage

When you visit our site, we use various technologies to collect and store information, which may also include cookies.

How we use collected data

We use the information we collect to identify and manage registered users, customers, and affiliated partners, fulfill agreements, and engage them to use our services and participate in forums.

In addition, for the sole purpose of threat detection and research, qualified security experts, companies and security researchers can use the information they have collected for providing, maintaining, protecting, and improving the Services and developing new features of the Services.

Other ways to use the collected information are as follows

  • Service operation and management
  • Reply to your comments, questions, and requests
  • Provision of information on service or site updates, security issues, and changes to our policies
  • Prevention and resolution of fraud and policy violation you may be involved in
  • Monitoring and analysis of user trends and activities
  • Promotion of our services or sites, advertisements, and events
  • Processing of payments for paid services

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may use information that does not identify you for any purpose, except as prohibited by applicable law.

Data we share

We share the information we collect in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

On grounds of your express consent, we may share information upon request. Additionally, we may share information in response to lawful requests filed by public authorities, including the ones that meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

We may also share information for protection of the Services, rights, property, life, security as wellas safety of others.

With regard to processing personal information, we may share information with third-party service providers who process information on our behalf. These service providers support payment processing, mail dispatch, and customer service.

Information such as your name, alias, and profile picture will be made public in the forum if you participate in the forum, which also includes open profile you registered for your account.

We also deem your engagements in the forum as part of your public profile, and these include contents uploaded on the Site and comments of other users that made remarks concerning you, trust you, or are trusted by you.

When you participate in promotions or receive offerings, we may share your information with service providers, except for activities that are proscribed by applicable law.

Unless stated otherwise, we will notify you and share information only upon your express consent.

Data Transmission

The Site processes personal information on servers hosted in countries all around the world.

We may process, transfer, and store your personal data on servers located outside the country in which you reside.

Personal information protection in Korea and other countries may not be identical as privacy protection enforced under your local laws, and government and law enforcement authorities may have different access rights to personal information.

When we transfer your information abroad, we will take all precautions necessary to ensure that your personal information is adequately protected and in observance of standard contractual clauses.

If you are EU resident, please contact us for more information concerning these safeguard measures.

If you do not wish to have your personal information transferred in the manner described in this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Services.

Data security and Retention

If you provide (or select) a password to access certain sections of our site, you are liable for ensuring that this password is not leaked in any case.

We strongly advise you to not share your password with anyone. We will ensure that the personal information you provide is retained on the site only during the warranted period befitting our purpose. As for forum users, even after you delete your account, records such as postings within the Service may be preserved for data integrity.

Your Rights

When we collect your personal data, we will inform you if we plan to use your personal data for marketing purposes.

You can change your mind at any point in time by contacting us, opting out of the body of marketing emails you may have subscribed to, or by setting your preferences in your account profile.

You may have certain rights with respect to your personal information, including the right to object to access, revise, process or restrict your personal information.

You also have the right to revise or delete your information. These rights vary by location, and we process all requests in accordance with applicable law and require additional information in case we need verification of your identity.

If you have a Site account, you can edit or delete your personal information by logging into your account.

All browsers accept cookies by default. You can reset your browser to reject or delete cookies by changing your settings.

If your device uses multiple browsers, you need to change the settings for individual browser.

Further information about our cookie policy and cookie settings can be found in our Cookie Policy

If you are an EU user, you have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authorities if you believe that we have processed your personal data in a way that is unlawful or infringing on your rights. If you have any such concerns, we request that you contact us so that we can directly investigate and address your concerns.

Change of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to revise and notify you of our Privacy Policy change at any time.

Any changes made to the Privacy Policy will take effect immediately upon notification, and your continued use of our Services constitutes your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.

If changes to our Privacy Policy are material, we may inform you through additional channels such as other email address.

Legal basis for processing personal data

To protect your personal data, we provide the legal basis for the processing of your personal data.

State of Nevada: In accordance with the Nevada Law, you may request at [email protected] that we do not share nor sell certain types of personal information which we have already collected or will collect.

State of California: In accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), your personal information will be collected with in observance of applicable laws. Notwithstanding, we may disclose the following types of personal information for commercial purposes:

  • Identifiers, characteristics, commercial or transactional information, Internet activity, geographic location data.

In addition, the right to delete and unsubscribe are also pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act (CCPA).

Europe: In accordance with the GDPR, we act as controllers with respect to personal data collected upon your interaction with our site, emails and advertisements.

In line with the guideline for processing personal data specified under the GDPR, we use data for the fulfillment of contracts, compliance with legal obligations, achievement of the purposes of ourselves or third parties, and promotion of your interests and rights.

In addition, the right to delete and opt out are also in compliance with the provisions of European data protection law.

In addition, the right to delete and opt out are also in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR.

We do not transmit, process, use or share personal information only upon your consent.


If you have any more questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy or compliance with applicable laws, please contact us via the email address below.

Email: [email protected]