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Check advanced threats in real-time
by analyzing IPs and banners.

Criminal IP automatically collects widespread data of IP addresses and banners from several sources in real time.

Scoring based on big data
All the gathered data is stored in our distributed data storage in a well-structured form, then analyzed by our AI-based analysis system to identify remarkable features such as vulnerability, scoring, and so on after putting all the data together.
Collecting ports
from all over the world every day
Our data collecting system enacts a massive examination of ports of IP addresses in cyberspace. It then analyzes all of this data to check what services and which versions of applications exist.
Explore threats in advance through appropriate banner searches.

Search everything about IP address and banners

Location information, history information, screenshots, whois information, webcam data, etc. are all searched.
Criminal IP collects and analyzes all types of IP information. Check out the various potential problems of IPs or banners.

Screenshot showing Malicious URL scan result report from Domain Search.Screenshot showing list of technologies associated with URL as determined by Domain Search's Website Scanner.
Data Sources
IP Search provides more than 10 different data types including geolocation, whois, blacklist, honeypot, applications, screenshots, IP Category, IDS, malware, phishing, domain, VPN detection, and more.
AI-based Scoring
Our machine learning scoring system analyzes all collected information from an IP address, and then provides the score to you.
Check what security vulnerabilities exist on IP addresses recognized through our service detection technology.
We provide the relation information between domains and IP addresses by continuously checking which IP addresses are mapped to a specific domain.
Huge Number of Banners Covered
The number of target ports of our data collecting system are continuously growing including web services, databases, industrial control systems, IoT things, cryptocurrencies, and so on. Our data team continues its research on analyzing significant protocols to communicate with applications in the proper banner.
Service Identification
Through the banner data analysis process, we identify what and which version of applications are running, and we also find potential security risks and vulnerabilities.