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Criminal IP: AI-based Phishing Link Checker

A free web browsing guard for Chrome that detects in real-time whether websites are malicious or phishing based on AI technology. Anyone can use it easily.

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Verify the safety of webmail/portal search links before visiting

Verify the safety in advance before clicking on a web page/webmail link to proactively protect against phishing and scam sites.
* Right-click and inspect before accessing the link with 'Pre-Check This Link'

Don't worry even if you access a malicious site!

Using AI-based technology, it detects access to URLs with Danger or Critical risk levels in real-time to prevent phishing attacks, scams, malware, and ransomware infections in advance. Additionally, it can also detect and protect against recently generated malicious sites.

Criminal IP's Domain Search technology applied

The technology of Criminal IP's Domain Search is utilized to provide threat information about domains such as DGA-based 5-stage risk scoring, phishing detection, mapped IP addresses, real IP, technology stacks, DNS, and more.

Detailed data provided for experts

Experts can view itemized data through a user-friendly UI.
* After activating Advanced Mode, click on the links within the IP score for individual items
Even now,
many malicious domains are being detected in real-time.

Recent Scans

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v1.1.3 - 2023/05/23 (Current Version) - Change the app name.
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