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Use our real-time URL Scanner to ensure that your websites are safe.
of domains with a single search.

Provides scoring by
analyzing vulnerabilities in the domain
The network log, cookie information, header information, and technical information of the domain are analyzed to score and derive the final result.
Always get the latest information
The analysis engine runs at the same time as the search. It not only provides new reports, but also keeps old reports, so that comparative analysis is possible.

Search everything about a domain

Criminal IP's Domain Search is a real-time URL Scanner and a Phishing URL Checker. We extract various data like network logs, associated IP addresses and subdomains, malicious links, phishing sites, technologies used, certificates, and vulnerabilities from all websites.

Screenshot showing Malicious URL scan result report from Domain Search.Screenshot showing list of technologies associated with URL as determined by Domain Search's Website Scanner.
Abundant Information
Domain Search provides screenshots, domain score, domain category, whois information, used technologies, connected IP addresses, page redirections, certificates, frames, network logs, cookies, security headers, links, DNS records, subdomains, JavaScript variables, and more analyzed information.
Security Assessment
Assessing whether your domain is vulnerable is an important factor in cybersecurity. Domain Search is a great website scanning tool that lets you check the website's DGA score, list of technologies used and mapped CVE vulnerabilities in a single page.
Real-time Collection
This data collecting system for domain search can access the targetted web per customer request. This allows our system to gather the latest data possible.
AI-based Scoring
Domain search provides an overall score for the domain and DGA (Domain Generation Algorithm) score by using our machine learning analysis, whose scoring model is always being improved by our team.
Customer requests will be queued and processed as soon as possible. Our data collecting system will be expanded on in case of excessive customer requests.