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Responsible Disclosure Policy

Criminal IP puts the security of its customers and the product itself first.

Despite system updates and patches, vulnerabilities can still exist.

If you find and report any parts of our system that need to be fixed, we will verify and correct the issues with the help of a professional security researcher.

Disclosure of vulnerabilities helps protect everyone's security and privacy.



Explore vulnerabilities and issues
Prohibited Actions
- Attempting to steal cookies
- Creating a fake login page to collect credentials
- Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
- Actions such as spam, smishing, phishing, vishing, etc.
- Attempting to access unauthorized data or information
- Placing malware (virus, worm, Trojan horse, etc.)
- Copying, changing, and deleting data in the system
- Physical security attacks
- Using brute force to gain access
AgreementYou agree not to do the following under any circumstances at the time of reporting.Any action that:
- Harms us, our customers, or others
- Violates national or local laws or regulations
- Stores, shares, damages, or destroys our or our data customers' data
- Transmits content subject to publicity, copyright, or third-party ownership

If you are considered a minor under national or regional law, you must obtain consent from your parents or legal guardian.